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Humor Since I think we haven't been having enough fun lately on OSNews, I decided it's time we do something fun for a change. We all have our little pet annoyances when it comes to other people's comments. Fixed expressions or comment styles that annoy the living daylights out of you. Here are mine.
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RE: pseudo tags
by eriwik on Wed 5th Aug 2009 10:40 UTC in reply to "pseudo tags"
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I also hate [sarcasm] or [irony] tags.

Actually I find them quite useful, sarcasm and irony is not something that is easily understood by everyone, especially those who does not have English (or whatever language) as their native language.

Whether you think something is sarcastic/ironic or not depends on your knowledge of the subject at hand, the situation, the one who made the remark, and a lot of other things. An example is when a new member of a forum/newsgroup asks a (perhaps dumb) question and one of the regulars makes a sarcastic/ironic reply (perhaps by saying something like "never heard of that before" for something that is in the FAQ). For the regulart is will be obvious but for a newcomer it won't.

For that reason I think that you should avoid using sarcasm and irony as much as possible, unless it is bloody obvious it is meant as such (but than again, as I just pointed out, even if you think it is bloody obvious, others might not). If you still want to use sarcasm and irony I think it best to mark it as such, either using a tag, or perhaps by a smiley (but those can me misinterpreted).

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