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SuSE, openSUSE SUSE Linux used to be a very KDE-centric distribution. Then Novell came around, bought SUSE and Ximian, and slowely but surely they turned the now-openSUSE distribution into effectively a GNOME-centric distribution with KDE as its sidekick. The openSUSE community, however, doesn't appear to be particularly happy with KDE being a sidekick.
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by blw37 on Wed 5th Aug 2009 10:50 UTC in reply to "Comment by stanbr"
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OpenSUSE is sponsored by Novell and used as the basis of SLED and SLES. It would be totally unrealistic to expect them to be happy with total removal of their preferred desktop. If any attempt was made to do so I would expect them to withdraw their support, and OpenSuse would have trouble surviving without that help. I would like to see OpenSUSE giving more love to KDE 4, and that is something that is achievable.

That said, my money is on Mandriva for the best current KDE 4 experience that I have tried. While they, like Fedora and OpenSUSE, offer both KDE and Gnome, it is obvious with all three where the greater balance of polishing has gone (though none of them are as horrible as Kubuntu, which is a fine example of how *not* to provide a KDE distrobution).

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