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Apple Using his blue box, Steve Wozniak once called the Vatican (for free), and, imitating Henry Kissinger's voice, asked if he could speak with the pope. The pope turned out to be asleep. Wozniak pulled these pranks together with Steve Jobs, with whom he'd found Apple computer not long after. Oh, how the times have changed. How can a company with its roots in phreaking, pranks, and home-made computing end up the way it is today?
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Cool Article
by Guppetto on Wed 5th Aug 2009 19:59 UTC
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"Then I realised something that became a universal truth for me: it takes imperfection to notice perfection. From then on, it became apparent to me that all the products that appeal to my sense of style and beauty, products that appeal to my emotions at some level or another, are all products that are imperfect. Products that are a little crazy, a little wacky, a little impractical."


"It feels as if after designing the iMac G4, the Apple design department ran right out of imagination and fairy dust, making way for an obsession with hospital wards and metallic powder."

Wow, These are wonderful quotes that I'll remember long after I forget the real purpose of this article. You're really on to something when you speak of imperfection. Great read and know that I'm definitely stealing that first quote.

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