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Apple Using his blue box, Steve Wozniak once called the Vatican (for free), and, imitating Henry Kissinger's voice, asked if he could speak with the pope. The pope turned out to be asleep. Wozniak pulled these pranks together with Steve Jobs, with whom he'd found Apple computer not long after. Oh, how the times have changed. How can a company with its roots in phreaking, pranks, and home-made computing end up the way it is today?
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by oskeladden on Wed 5th Aug 2009 20:48 UTC
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I agree so much that I actually registered just to say I agree.

To the dissenters: Apple used to have a mad zaniness about them that was wonderful, and that gave Macs their charm. It wasn't form over substance - the flexibility of the iMac G4's screen was a technical marvel, and one which genuinely had utility. Apple used to experiment a lot, and most of the time their experimentation paid off. Sure, their products also had quirks because of their experimentation, but they also had a lot of individuality. You could express yourself with a Mac in a way you couldn't with a PC. None of this is true anymore. Apple has become yet another computer maker - one of the better ones, granted, but not that different from other good ones. Its designs are safe and stick to convention. They don't have those convention-challenging flashes of brilliance any longer. The iPhone's UI comes close, but even that's a long way from the sort of stuff they used to achieve.

Just my opinion, of course. People will obviously disagree.

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