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KDE The KDE team has released KDE 4.3. This release comes packed with improvements and bug fixes - in fact, over the last six months, 10000 bugs were squashed, 2000 feature requests handled, and 63000 changes were checked in by 700 people. We've already talked about this new release in quite some detail last week, but let's take a look at the most important new features anyway.
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RE[4]: What about the WM theme?
by Wrawrat on Thu 6th Aug 2009 00:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: What about the WM theme?"
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I guess I'll see about the general polish once I try this new release. Last time I used KDE (4.1), it was a complete disaster. KDE has been my DE of choice until GNOME started giving me a better user experience. Must be around 2005? It always had that amateur feeling to me. Mind you, it's not necessarily a bad thing: it's a reminder of being a product of the community (as corporate investment on their project is minimal compared to GNOME). I suppose that tastes can change with time.

As for my preference for Debian, it's nothing against the RPM system. I've used Fedora for a few years and yum did the job for me. Debian just got tons of packages and doesn't get too anal about patents, or potential legal issues when a package is free software. It's quite easy to get packages for software outside the main repositories, too. Unfortunately, I fear it might be even more difficult to get the software I'm looking for in smaller distros!

That said, it looks like KDE 4.3 packages are already in Debian unstable; with a little bit of luck, they could be promoted to squeeze/testing soon...

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