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Apple "[Ninjawords] is a terrific app - pretty much exactly what I've always wanted in an iPhone dictionary, and, yes, with both a better user experience and better dictionary content than the other low-cost dictionaries in the App Store. But Ninjawords for iPhone suffers one humiliating flaw: it omits all the words deemed "objectionable" by Apple's App Store reviewers, despite the fact that Ninjawords carries a 17+ rating. Apple censored an English dictionary. A dictionary. A reference book. For words contained in all reasonable dictionaries. For words contained in dictionaries that are used every day in elementary school libraries and classrooms."
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RE[5]: No more Apple please...
by aesiamun on Thu 6th Aug 2009 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: No more Apple please..."
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Isn't it possible that by not enabling their self destruction, not doing anything but continuing your purchasing of their products you're only confirming their actions as right in their corporate thought process?

I don't like what they are doing, but I will continue buying their products...that will show them! ;)

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