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Features, Office The team has been experimenting with a new user interface for the suite of programs, and they've presented the first rough prototype of this new interface, more specifically for Impress. The general gist? It's Microsoft Office 2007's ribbon interface.
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RE[5]: copycat
by daschmidty on Thu 6th Aug 2009 19:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: copycat"
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What is so wrong about menus? Cupled with keyboard shortcuts they are very efficient and fast if you're proficient.

The problem is the "if you're proficient" part. Excel is the biggest offender here imo. The only people I knew who could effectively work with Excel using the menu-based interface were people who had used it long enough to have memorized where everything was. For "Power users" change in interface should make no difference if you already have the shortcuts committed to memory.

For "regular users" however who want to use software like Excel as a tool, (ie I want my job to be "engineer" not "professional spreadsheet maker") I have found the ribbon to be more intuitive and have had a much simpler time doing what I need to do. I was always annoyed by the "menu hack" people who would look down upon you for not having memorized some obscure macro or function or something as though it was a sign of computing proficiency.

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