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Features, Office The team has been experimenting with a new user interface for the suite of programs, and they've presented the first rough prototype of this new interface, more specifically for Impress. The general gist? It's Microsoft Office 2007's ribbon interface.
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OSS needs to innovate more
by TLZ_ on Fri 7th Aug 2009 11:08 UTC
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Instead of copying Microsoft and Apple.

The only non-developer tool OSS I know of that succeeded is Firefox. And did Firefox copy IE? No. They was innovative, they went their own ways.

If you want people to switch to your software it isn't enough that it's "as good"(although it really often isn't) and free, it as to be *better*.

People don't switch products because one is slightly better either, they switch because they are alot better.

I'm baffled by the little amount of innovation in mainstream products in OSS. One would believe it is a less risk for them to try new things.

I think KDE is definitely going a right direction though. I don't like KDE(I prefer less complicated interfaces), but they really deserve praise for trying new and innovative things.

If you look at OSS-software that's meant for technical people (weird window managers for instance) you'll find a lot of different ideas and concept are being explored. Why not do this for software meant for regular users as well?

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