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Apple "Tuesday's piece on Ninjawords was really about two stories. The small story is that of a clever $2 iPhone dictionary app, the developers of which removed 'objectionable' words from its dictionary so as to get it published in the App Store. The big story is about the App Store itself, and whether Apple's management is attempting to correct its course. Yesterday afternoon I received a thoughtful email from Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller regarding Ninjawords and the App Store, and I think it bodes well for both stories."
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RE: Well pickle my grandmother!
by chrish on Fri 7th Aug 2009 11:38 UTC in reply to "Well pickle my grandmother!"
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But, it doesn't seem to be a "half-truth"; Schiller says they didn't censor it, but then he says they rejected it because it included uncommon-but-possibly-offensive words.

So, which way is it, Apple? Rejecting because of content, and then accepting it after the content is removed (and requiring a 17+ rating, wtf) sounds like censorship to me.

Still not willing to spend any time doing iPhone development, the review process is capricious and seems to take a completely random amount of time. Developers need to be able to make updates available quicker and easier.

- chrish

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