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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku alpha release has always been a bit elusive. The project has been near the alpha release for a while now, but a number of difficult data-destructive bugs kept it at bay. After an informal coding sprint, the alpha is now just a decision away.
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by transputer_guy on Sat 8th Aug 2009 11:52 UTC
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I finally tried the latest Haiku image out on a quad core 9400 with 8GB built for OSX and Vista. Haiku booted like a charm after it had first failed on my crufty old BeOS K7 and another old sempron. I had always dreamed this might come true, all 4 cores busy in Haiku land, but couldn't quite believe it. It recognized >3 GB of ram, bye bye the old ram limit.

Vista64 could not write the image file onto anything with flashnul so I put XP back on the old sempron. and flashnul then wrote the USB Flash stick and a 266x CF card with the haiku image just fine.

The CF card only booted on the 9400 with a CF card IDE adapter and it was pretty fast and responsive, but it used up the only IDE slot present. In a USB card reader, no boot. I added a hard drive and initialized it to BFS as a single 140GB partition, another limit gone.

The USB Flash stick also booted fine but was obviously much slower but it freed up the IDE slot for some disk to disk copying. Time to try out some old BeOS apps.

So far the USB, network ports don't seem to work yet, but on board sound did. The nVidia card is limited to 1280,1024 mode. I sure hope one day Haiku will recognize a pair of wide format screens.

Also I see file copying and even deleting continually fail and kernel panic after a few hundred files processed and the copied folders don't always show up. I sure hope these Tracker bugs get fixed soon or it will be difficult to move on.

All in all pretty impressive for pre alpha. Hopefully a lot more developers will come in and squash these bugs. I recommend a fast CF card over USB flash stick, you can still write it with flashnul in a card reader.

Good work Haiku team

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