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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku alpha release has always been a bit elusive. The project has been near the alpha release for a while now, but a number of difficult data-destructive bugs kept it at bay. After an informal coding sprint, the alpha is now just a decision away.
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by umccullough on Sat 8th Aug 2009 14:39 UTC in reply to "OMG"
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It recognized >3 GB of ram, bye bye the old ram limit.

mm... afaik, Haiku suffers from the same problem of device memory mapped into the 4gb space, pretty certain it doesn't support PAE yet. Maybe you're lucky because it simply didn't support your video card properly ;)

So far the USB, network ports don't seem to work yet, but on board sound did. The nVidia card is limited to 1280,1024 mode. I sure hope one day Haiku will recognize a pair of wide format screens.

You should file a ticket at with your listdev output (or lspci -nn from linux). Most network chips are supported, USB obviously worked, the nvidia card is probably too new. You're likely seeing VESA mode video there (and yes, it's *fast*).

Widescreen monitors are indeed supported, as Haiku drives my 1920x1200 just fine with the intel_extreme driver. I believe there is dual-monitor support with Radeon and nVidia drivers, but certainly not without proper support for your card ;)

Hopefully rudolf will work on that again someday ;)

Also I see file copying and even deleting continually fail and kernel panic after a few hundred files processed and the copied folders don't always show up. I sure hope these Tracker bugs get fixed soon or it will be difficult to move on.

If it's a KDL, it's not a tracker bug, but something wrong either with the filesystem or vfs layer. You obviously need to file bugs on these issues, this stuff has been heavily worked on recently, and some regressions may have been introduced. Could also be driver related i suppose.

All in all pretty impressive for pre alpha. Hopefully a lot more developers will come in and squash these bugs. I recommend a fast CF card over USB flash stick, you can still write it with flashnul in a card reader.

Bugs can't get squashed without reports. So far you're the only one reporting the KDLs during filecopy, so *you* are the only one that can report them. Please do!

As for the whole flashnul/dd thing - Alpha will be released with a LiveCD ISO so more people can install it directly. Just wait ;)

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