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Features, Office The team has been experimenting with a new user interface for the suite of programs, and they've presented the first rough prototype of this new interface, more specifically for Impress. The general gist? It's Microsoft Office 2007's ribbon interface.
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by mbooth9517 on Sun 9th Aug 2009 13:51 UTC in reply to "Save As"
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I still remember when our team (software developers) was upgraded cars. One of us got in the car, sat down, and proceded to try to get the car to move. How to do it? We couldn't find the saddle. The reins were gone - were we supposed to no longer perform a basic operation such as "Getting a horse to move"? We were astounded. After some googling we found that putting the key in the ignition and turning it allowed us to "Get the car to move". Some further playing around and we figured out how to get the car to turn using the steering wheel. We found this whole exercise to be very frustrating. After 20 years of "Pulling on the reins", this was the new and improved alternative. Wierd!

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