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Apple Using his blue box, Steve Wozniak once called the Vatican (for free), and, imitating Henry Kissinger's voice, asked if he could speak with the pope. The pope turned out to be asleep. Wozniak pulled these pranks together with Steve Jobs, with whom he'd found Apple computer not long after. Oh, how the times have changed. How can a company with its roots in phreaking, pranks, and home-made computing end up the way it is today?
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by bongo_x on Mon 10th Aug 2009 01:56 UTC
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First, I'm a pretty big Apple fan, but I don't even have an iPhone so I guess I'm not a fan-boy.

I have know idea what some of you are talking about, Apple lost it? They used to be rebels? I think that you may have been impressed at a certain age and are projecting things that weren't really there.

I've always thought they made the coolest stuff and wonder why others can't seem to do it (although the Palm Pre..). As far as I can see they just keep progressing in a brilliant way.

They did the colorful plastic thing and caught the other makers by surprise, waited for them to catch up and then hit the nitrous button and did a hard left, leaving Dell and such with a bunch of cheap looking, outdated colored plastic designs. They just keep doing it. I thought the first ipod was cool, but the next one was so much cooler, and then the next one. Each time I thought "how can they improve on this?", but they do.

I think you're suffering from an aspect of what I call the "Star War Syndrome". If you were a certain age when Star Wars came out, it was the coolest thing in the world. If you were just a couple years older (like myself) it was a half-assed Sci-Fi film. I thought Kiss was the bees knees when I was a kid, and still have a soft spot. My friend, who is a couple years older but general likes that kind of music, just thought they were stupid.

I don't think the soul was sucked out of Apple, I don't see the big downhill slide, I think they keep moving forward and leading the pack. I don't see their peak in the late 90's either. If they were making wacky , colorful plastic computers all this time, well that would be sad. Then they'd be Dell.

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