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Windows While the tech media are all busy praising Windows 7, the operating system still obviously does have issues, it being Windows and all. Because we are talking about Windows, and not, say Ubuntu or Mac OS X, it comes with one big downside that will mostly hit new users of Windows 7 (meaning, everyone): the incredibly complicated upgrade paths.
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Complicated one
by dvhh on Mon 10th Aug 2009 04:06 UTC
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Again windows shine in its user unfriendlyness in data presentation
with something that look like better on powerpoint than on a paper.
The table looks nice with colors (at least if your a little bit color blind)
but is not (as the article point it out ) clear at all.
They (microsoft marketing people ) shouldn't have use a table for
this kind of information, it is compact (yes), at a glance (yes).
But people who are choosing one edition don't care about the others,
( I want a pro edition and don't want to be informed at the same
time about the upgrade path of the home or ultimate edition ).
So I wouldn't vomit these information on the regular user,
just show them in different table ( either from origin os perspective
which is more interesting, or by target os which is quite irrelevant).
Well at least they provide the table, and you can look it up instead of asking
a "professional".

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