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In the News RadioShack will be taking a leaf out of Microsoft's book (remember that Bing thing?) by renaming itself to simply "The Shack" in the hopes that it will reach out to consumers to help them understand that the store isn't just a nuts-and-bolts (batteries-and-parts, anyone?) place for the electronic era. They want people to know that they're competing with those larger retail stores in selling computers, LCD televisions, and more, and I suppose they think "The Shack" will cause droves of people to suddenly forsake BestBuy and Wal-Mart's offerings of the common consumer electronics. In a way I couldn't rewrite better, a RadioShack veteran customer writes his feelings on the subject at hand and stresses that "you can change your look, even your name, but you are still just what you are--and people notice."
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There Was A Time ...
by Pelly on Mon 10th Aug 2009 14:02 UTC
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When Radio Shack was a respected business.

I recall seeing short-wave radios for sale, transmitter, receivers as well as transceivers.

Over the last 20-25 years, Radio Shack & Tandy abandoned the business model that made them successful. This was partly due to the decline of HAM Radio and Amature Radio as a whole.

As an amature radio enthuisiast, I had to find other shops to fill my radio needs for parts, antenna wire & parts, etc.

When they moved to the business model of, "me too," and sold common electronic devices & gadgets they seemed to lose their niche.

Is Radio Shack price competetive? Absolutely not. Even if they became so, I believe the damage has been done and they will soon go the way of so many other bsinesses.

Their current efforts seem to be centering on cell phone sales. And even those prices aren't that competetive.

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