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Web 2.0 The web browser has been the dominant thin client, now rich client, for almost two decades, but can it compete with a new thin client that makes better technical choices and avoids the glacial standards process? I don't think so, as the current web technology stack of HTML/Javascript/Flash has accumulated so many bad decisions over the years that it's ripe for a clean sheet redesign to wipe it out.
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RE: Thanks for wasting my time
by Laurence on Mon 10th Aug 2009 14:05 UTC in reply to "Thanks for wasting my time"
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To the author: Don't write articles where a *nice sun shines trough the clouds and will guide you to the path of salvation* . I want F***ing TECHNICAL details. Such a time waste.. (making it worse by commenting). Just try one thing : remove the terms thin and fat client in the article. This will force you to be much more specific. Cheers, zimbatm

I modded you down because of your use of language - it was totally unnecessary.

Suggestion: If you're that unhappy with this article then could always write a follow up piece instead of swearing at those that bothered to give up their own free time for you.

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