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Debian and its clones Earlier this month, we reported that Debian had announced a new release schedule; a freeze during December, a release some time in the first half of the following year. After outcries from the Debian community, the December freeze aspect of the plan was reversed. Since most of the ire about this situation seemed to be directed towards Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth decided to step in and offer to put several Canonical employees to work on Debian instead of Ubuntu.
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RE[7]: Great!
by zombie process on Mon 10th Aug 2009 17:02 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Great!"
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I'd love to see that 'something else' that Ubuntu is doing that other distributions aren't. No one can ever come up with anything when that gets asked though.

How about getting non-geeks interested in at least trying Linux? I'm not an Ubuntu fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but they have arguably done a *ton* for Linux in terms of mindshare.

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