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Hardware, Embedded Systems G. Pascal Zachary has written a very interesting article about the importance of Google's Chrome OS announcement, and what the move to the cloud (internet!) could mean for Microsoft and the operating system in general. I do think he missed an important part of the possible consequences of the move towards the cloud: the hardware.
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Define won
by oiaohm on Mon 10th Aug 2009 22:30 UTC
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XP lost really. Cost has been cut to bone or hardware markers would just ship Linux.

Linux is now sold by almost all OEM at least as a token.

MS cannot keep running loss making departments for ever.

Basically all MS did was slow Linux take up. So slowing it development in the desktop area. It has not stopped.

Remember some of that development is wine the means for Linux to run windows application. Numbers of testers and developers speed up open source development.

Is progress now faster on desktop development of Linux than before netbooks. Answer is yes. Linux is on the way to winning just slowly.

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