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Microsoft We here at OSNews haven't really been reporting on this, but if you're following other tech websites, you will undoubtedly know that Microsoft has been axing a number of products and initiatives lately. It seems as if Microsoft is doing what many companies do in economically dire times: cut the cruft, and focus on your core aspects.
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by jibadeeha on Tue 11th Aug 2009 07:24 UTC in reply to "Comment by ssa2204"
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I was very saddened when I head they closed down the Flight Simulator franchise. That was far and above the competition, what little was there were years away. The industry has a whole has pretty much seen the death of simulator games, and Flight Sim X may be the last quality release we see in years. Sad.

This news also saddened me when it was announced... One of my main reasons for buying my first ever PC in the eighties was to run Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was amazing how much detail went into that simulator, and yet it all squeezed on to a single 3.5 inch disk.

I think our only hope now is Flight Gear, but when I last tried this it wasn't nearly anywhere near to the quality of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but that could have had something to do with my integrated video card.

Well, lets hope some of the developers that worked on Microsoft Flight Simulator help out with Flight Gear - would love to see this turned into something as competitive as Flight Simulator.

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