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Hardware, Embedded Systems G. Pascal Zachary has written a very interesting article about the importance of Google's Chrome OS announcement, and what the move to the cloud (internet!) could mean for Microsoft and the operating system in general. I do think he missed an important part of the possible consequences of the move towards the cloud: the hardware.
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Comment by stanbr
by stanbr on Tue 11th Aug 2009 10:14 UTC
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I reaaally would like to see more MIPS in the market. But I think the author of this article is not thinking about the everyday user. That user that like fancy 3D games. That uses an "alternative" version of Photoshop just to change the face of his sister. The user that wants to use his camera to make a video of his little child and then edit it at his computer. etc, etc.

Yeah, most of this stuff can be made in a "cloud"... it's possible to edit a picture and (i think) even a movie. But how fast will it be? Will it have all the features of the original off-line one?

Users like to have "the best" computer they can get. They dont mind to pay some extra just to have more Ghz and mor RAM. Even if they will not use it, they like the felling that they have a superior machine. They will look at you with your 1Ghz computer and will say "haha mine is 7 time faster than yours". That's why we almost dont see low-specs netbooks (like the original eee) anymore.

Like I said, I like MIPS, I like Linux, but I dont see a real market change in a near future.

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