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Windows Technologizer has an interesting article about why Windows Vista failed, and it provides 16 reasons why this is the case. A few of those reasons reveal a certain lack of understanding, but a more pressing issue is that while listing these reasons individually is interesting, Vista's failure in the marketplace can be explained in a much more compact fashion.
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Comment by mightshade
by mightshade on Tue 11th Aug 2009 13:19 UTC
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I largely agree with you, however, one thing about Aero:
I think the original author was referring to what's actually noticeable to the user. Of course, people like us know that the new technology behind Aero is a big deal, but Vista fails to present it in a useful way to the user. He/she only sees transparent title bars, Flip3D, and some live thumbnails.

Showing what really is possible is left to third-party tools, like the Expose-like tool "Switcher", or those virtual desktop tools that reproduce Compiz' cube.

And there's two points I really can't agree with:

Windows 7 is what Windows Vista should've been from the start.

You could say the same for *any* successor, but hell, it's a different product. Vista SP2 is what Vista should have been.

I mean, the same way you could claim that Windows 7 is what Vista, XP, 2000, and everything else dating back to Windows 3.11 should have been. Seriously, 3.11, who in their right mind would require you to install a TCP/IP stack? So you see, 7 clearly is what 3.11 should have been.
Oh, just ditch this bullshit.

It is only now, with Windows 7, that we're starting to see Windows Vista grow up and become truly usable.

Heh, well, imo you can't say it that way. It was service pack 1 when Vista grew up. Vista became truly usable when its irks were fixed with updates and service packs.

Of course I don't deny that 7 is more usable than Vista, I just beg to differ. Vista SP2 is a truly usable Vista, and 7 is a different, better product.

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