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Hardware, Embedded Systems Robots can be about as complex a machine as you're ever likely to encounter, but roboticists spend a lot of time solving mundane problems that have already been solved countless times by other robot makers. A recent New Scientist article documents the efforts of researchers around the globe that have begun to collaborate on the Robot Operating System (ROS), which they hope will provide a common platform for robot research, letting its users concentrate on advancing the state of the art instead of reinventing the wheel.
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RE[3]: 3 Robot Laws (plus 4)
by qroon on Tue 11th Aug 2009 15:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 3 Robot Laws (plus 4)"
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Darn, I let me spell checker correct it for me - I originially had Asimov. I gues my spell checker doesn't do SciFi - or is it SyFy?

SF the preferred abbreviation within the community of sf writers and readers. Much like the people insisting on GNU/Linux over Linux. (Yeah, we know that Linux is just a kernel!) ;)

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