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Windows Technologizer has an interesting article about why Windows Vista failed, and it provides 16 reasons why this is the case. A few of those reasons reveal a certain lack of understanding, but a more pressing issue is that while listing these reasons individually is interesting, Vista's failure in the marketplace can be explained in a much more compact fashion.
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RE[5]: Comment by moleskine
by frajo on Tue 11th Aug 2009 18:17 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by moleskine"
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"Apart from being able to scan your machine for Windows viruses, of course, and encumber your own files with DRM so you can't use them on another machine, and being still unable to properly utilise open formats such as ODF, SVG and HTML5/Theora ...

Nobody would care about these open formats if they weren't properly supported on Windows by third-party applications.

"Nobody" is meant to be an offence, isn't it?
What about the falsifiability of your hypothesis?

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