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Windows Technologizer has an interesting article about why Windows Vista failed, and it provides 16 reasons why this is the case. A few of those reasons reveal a certain lack of understanding, but a more pressing issue is that while listing these reasons individually is interesting, Vista's failure in the marketplace can be explained in a much more compact fashion.
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RE: theme or window manager...
by Havin_it on Wed 12th Aug 2009 01:48 UTC in reply to "theme or window manager..."
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You seem to argue against yourself here. First you seem to agree that GDI-based windowing is jerky and unpleasant, then later you say that the new GUI (the DWM) sucks too. If this is so, what's to be gained by having Classic as a theme for the DWM? You get freedom from jerkiness at the expense of a disjointed and inconsistent interface -- won't that inconsistency just be even worse against the backdrop of Classic?

For my part, I do detest aspects of GDI (massively delayed redraws are my pet peeve), but I only ever stuck with Classic in XP so I could disable the "Themes" service and squeeze out another piddling drop of performance. I don't know enough about it, but I assume that if you have the hardware for it, a compositing desktop/WM would actually be better for performance than if the CPU has to do everything.

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