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Windows Technologizer has an interesting article about why Windows Vista failed, and it provides 16 reasons why this is the case. A few of those reasons reveal a certain lack of understanding, but a more pressing issue is that while listing these reasons individually is interesting, Vista's failure in the marketplace can be explained in a much more compact fashion.
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RE[8]: Vista was just a beta...
by bluedodo on Wed 12th Aug 2009 08:09 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Vista was just a beta..."
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I challenge you to walk into a brick and mortar store in Australia and buy a laptop with Linux on it off the shelf. I can guarantee the staff won't even know what Linux is. Until we can buy Linux machines as easily as Windows ones off the shelves of our local rip-off merchants, the Microsoft Tax will still exist and be valid fodder for debate.

I challenge you to walk into an Apple store and buy a Mac book with linux. It's simple idiot, most people who buy a laptop want something that works not a religon. Windows works and linux doesn't. Retailers aren't stupid they will sell their customers what they want and for the majority of reatilers their customers want Windows. If you want a Linux revoultion go figure out a way to make the greater public want it. Here's a hint it's not what you as a nerd want.

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