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Legal In what some will undoubtedly call ironic, Microsoft has been declared guilty of wilfully infringing upon an XML patent held by the Canadian company i4i. The judge has ordered Microsoft to pay a fine of 290 million USD, and has barred Microsoft from selling Word in the United States if the company doesn't comply within 60 days (a detail omitted by many). Microsoft has already announced it will appeal the judge's decision.
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Word-less US
by weildish on Wed 12th Aug 2009 18:11 UTC
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What an odd turn of events. I'm just trying to imagine a Word-less US. If the decision isn't appealed, this doesn't rule out future Word programs though, does it? Only 2003 and 2007? If it does rule out any Word program forevermore, businesses won't have much to turn to except for (which wouldn't be a bad thing, I suppose) aside from some other less-known proprietary programs.

I have to say-- that seems a bit harsh. Very surprising, too.

I bet it won't be hard for them to repeal the decision, though. At least for being able to still sell Word.

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