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Microsoft No, the corporate logo and Windows logo are both staying the same, but a trademark application has been unearthed describing Microsoft's new logo that will brand its upcoming retail stores, two of which have already been announced. In simplified terms, the new logo seems to be a block representation, of the Windows logo we have all come to know and love. Sort of what you'd expect your seven years old child to build out of construction paper. As a glimpse into what the Microsoft Store will be selling, the official document also states that the logo will brand "retail store services and online retail services featuring computers, computer hardware, software, computer games, computer peripherals, portable music players and accessories, personal digital assistants, cell phones and accessories, video game consoles and accessories, webcams, books, clothing, back packs, messenger bags, computer bags and novelty items." What about toasters?
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Retail stores
by sargek on Wed 12th Aug 2009 20:09 UTC
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I am guessing they are going to have to have the techs work in cages so angry users won't acost them when they are approached with technical issues. Bars on the windows (store windows) wouldn't be a bad idea either in case someone wants to chuck a problem-ridden PC that Microsoft refuses to help with, through the glass...

For some reason I don't see these as ever coming close to the amount of business Apple does in their stores. What is Microsoft going to sell, software? If they sold PCs, they would have to agree on a hardware vendor and then sit back and brace for the deluge of technical help visits and returns.

Kudos to Microsoft for trying to actually get in "touch" with their consumers though, That's something they have been out of touch with for a decade. Hope it works for them, but I just don't see it.

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