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Legal In what some will undoubtedly call ironic, Microsoft has been declared guilty of wilfully infringing upon an XML patent held by the Canadian company i4i. The judge has ordered Microsoft to pay a fine of 290 million USD, and has barred Microsoft from selling Word in the United States if the company doesn't comply within 60 days (a detail omitted by many). Microsoft has already announced it will appeal the judge's decision.
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They aren't patent trolls
by Drumhellar on Wed 12th Aug 2009 23:42 UTC
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i4i don't appear to be patent trolls to me. They actually have several products regarding document management and conversion that appear popular in the pharmaceuticals industry.

They have software that works from within Word to create and use XML document templates.

Microsoft using those patented features in Word means two things:
1) Microsoft is now a competitor to this small company.

2) Microsoft is using patented technology that this small company created to compete with them.

Microsoft was also awarded the same patent this very week, but i4i filed for theirs 6 months before Microsoft filed.

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