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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Peter Wayner of InfoWorld has put Palm's still brand new webOS Mojo SDK through its paces, and came away impressed. Still, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed, but all in all the big advantage he sees is that over the course of the past few weeks, a very active and fertile community of developers has organically created its own development community, creating open source applications everybody is free to install - contrary to the iPhone.
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So... no deep level access to the OS?
by Kenfegore on Thu 13th Aug 2009 01:18 UTC
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From the article I gather that developers will be restricted in the amount of access they have to the hardware?

...and should they get full access to the OS, will they be able to use Palms 'phone home' capabilities, such as the alleged location information?

What is this smoke screen about 'loads of developers who know javascript having access to building applications'? I can build applications with jQuery, but I can do that using a web application. What do I gain being a Pre developer?

just listen to the bs you are spouting:
"a very active and fertile community of developers has organically created its own development community"
what the hell does that mean? Organic, fertile developers?

Don't you realise that this sounds like corporate nonsense talk in reverse and most embarrassing?

And what about the "Google Voice being available" when it is also available on the iPhone as a web service?

Where is the beef?

Personally I come to believe this is a load of rubbish, you get a web OS to play with but no real control over hardware nor OS unless you hack. Please explain if I am wrong. Please explain how the Web OS compares to Android or iPhone OS in as far as the access to the full capabilities of OS and hardware is concerned.

Oh, and then you don't have a Palm Pre because it's not out yet where you live... ah never mind.

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