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Hardware, Embedded Systems I think we can finally put a certain myth to rest that's been circling around the web for a while now. Microsoft often claimed that netbooks running Linux saw higher return rates than those running Windows, but according to Dell, this is utter nonsense.
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Dell Brazil
by visconde_de_sabugosa on Thu 13th Aug 2009 12:47 UTC
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Dell Brazil doesn't sell any consumer notebooks, netbooks or desktops with linux. The only non-windows options are some workstations with FreeDOS (N-series), which are sold only to companies and at prices many times higher than the equivalent windows machines.

And Dell Brazil is refusing to refund the Microsoft tax.

In Brazil notebooks and desktops with linux are popular because of the lower prices. Many national computer manufacturers sold cheap linux notebooks and desktops and they are sold with success. Even non-linux users buy them to install pirated copies of windows.

People here (and in almost developing countries too) don't care if the installed windows is genuine or not. May be it is the true reason why Dell Brazil don't sell linux machines to consumers here: it would be a success and it would cannibalize the windows OEM sales.

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