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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe has announced it is dropping PowerPC support from its next version of the Creative Suite for the Mac. "By the time the next version of the Suite ships, the very youngest PPC-based Macs will be roughly four years old. They're still great systems, but if you haven't upgraded your workstation in four years, you're probably not in a rush to upgrade your software, either. Bottom line: Time & resources are finite, and with big transitions underway (going 64-bit-native, switching from Carbon to Cocoa), you want Adobe building for the future, not for the past."
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by Eddyspeeder on Thu 13th Aug 2009 18:06 UTC in reply to "BS"
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Of course it is a pity that the still very beautiful PowerBook G4's are running out of date.

Just as I will find it a pity that my beautiful unibody MacBook Pro will run out of date in a few years.

But this has *always* been Apple's philosophy (with the emphasis on always); not to keep dragging around with legacy stuff. Even Microsoft is tending towards such an approach.

So stop your whining. Please! I know Macs are expensive, but updating your hardware along with your software is really the way we should accept things are today.

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