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A very special 3 hour show dedicated solely to the topic problem of Apple with the additional voices of OSNews owner David and OSNews Web-Wizard, Adam. We lay down our own Apple histories and 'geek cred', discuss [unavoidably] the iPhone and AppStore, what should be done about it but move onto bigger things like the 'Apple Tablet', Apple's changing trends in design and what each of us would do if we got the call to be CEO of Apple. This show was a lot of fun to record, and we hope you enjoy it, Apple fan or hater alike.

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Mummy Google and Daddy Apple?
by Philip Grant on Thu 13th Aug 2009 19:42 UTC
Philip Grant
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Notice that Google are following the same model as Apple in controlling local installation of applications in their new Chrome OS, by not allowing any! Why would they be doing so? To stop security and virus problems. It's simply about making the user experience user proof, because then they can more easily guaranty, "it just works". Users are being shielded. If you don't like it, then you might be in a minority of users who don't mind putting anti-virus and anti-malware software on their phone also. If you like, it's 'discipline' and, unfortunately, the free thinking and the foolish will always complain against this 'parental' control.

Such an intelligent mix of comment from all. A really excellent show. Think you covered most issues and agree with all said. One issue you didn't address was the danger to Apple of them loosing the case against Psystar. If they did, might you end up with the iPhone OS being sold to operate on other companies handsets!? OK, too silly..?

The design ethic, is it perhaps moving to minimise sensuality of the casing as a foil to the blooming of a more established and fully featured operating system? I agree with Thom, Apple now create boring and uninspiring machines. When people pay money, pride in your purchase could be much higher. I feel the design team will always push in some direction and, maybe, after pushing the production techniques and quality, next will be a greater emphasis on form... who knows... in fashion and design there will always be a reaction.

"the hinges have to be dodecahedron and the doors open inwards..." lol brilliant Kroc!

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