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Google When Google released its Chrome web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users were left out in the rain, without the ability to enjoy all the goodness that is Chrome. Thanks to the relentless porting efforts of the Chromium team, we now have daily builds of the Chrome/Chromium web browser, and I decided to take a look where the Linux version stands.
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Comment by aacs
by aacs on Thu 13th Aug 2009 21:11 UTC
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I decided just now to try it too, after a while, only to be greeted with this article:)
I don't like Chrome that much but the Linux version is indeed becoming surprisingly snappy.
A welcome addition showing up in Chromium is that elements of the new tab page can be hidden. Although the order of the thumbnails of most visited pages should settle after a while using the browser, I find the 'Speed Dial' approach better in that the thumbnails can be freely reorganized and they don't move away by themselves, supporting spatial memory. So an empty new tab is more comforting in Chrome.
I wonder how the extension system will stand against Firefox's and how much it will invalidate the irony of the 'Chrome' name. I suppose it will be more of a constrained, walled garden like theme support, but still a fresh breath after the static nature of 1.x and 2.x, and a better fit for its philosophy.
Got to say it is a nice, lean & mean browser.

EDIT: Oops, I'm just seeing that thumbnails became movable and can be sticked in place. Hmm, very slick.

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