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Internet Explorer Let's continue the browser talk for a while. Let's move from the pinnacle of browsing, all the way down to the very drainage pit: Internet Explorer 6. To me, Internet Explorer 6 is that annoying zombie that just won't die that chops off 80 of your health in a grueling midnight Left 4 Dead expert session. Microsoft may not say so outright, but they seem to be implying they agree with me.
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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Thu 13th Aug 2009 22:22 UTC
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Microsoft didn't expect web apps to outpace themselves. Basically, Firefox threw them for a duck. With 95% marketshare Microsoft expected web apps to be tied to Windows, IE & ActiveX. Then Firefox happened and now the innovation is happening outside their garden.

Microsoft's own browser is holding them back. They cannot crate the same kinds of compelling apps like Google are with Wave.

They are having to resort to using Silverlight to patch up the browser holes in Office:Web 2010. I pity the development team--no SVG, no Canvas, no Video/Audio tags, wonky JS/DOM, lack of even basic CSS. It must be hell.

IE is going to haemorrhage marketshare no matter what MS do unless they can play by everybody else's rules--and that means HTML5, Video-tag, SVG, decent JS speed and so on.

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