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Internet Explorer Let's continue the browser talk for a while. Let's move from the pinnacle of browsing, all the way down to the very drainage pit: Internet Explorer 6. To me, Internet Explorer 6 is that annoying zombie that just won't die that chops off 80 of your health in a grueling midnight Left 4 Dead expert session. Microsoft may not say so outright, but they seem to be implying they agree with me.
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Drop it already.
by theTSF on Fri 14th Aug 2009 02:20 UTC
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If the Businesses know that their products don't work on IE 7 or 8 or any other modern browser, then they should make some decisions....
1. Redo their software to work with the standards and learn there lesson about using non-standards compliant software methods.

2. Keep using IE 6 But don't complain if new pages are going to look and work like crap. As you realize you are using OLD technology and you really need to upgrade.

Most of these cases are just policy vs. real technical details it isn't as much as it won't work in IE 7 or 8 but they just wont try to see if it does.

Web Developers should really stop catering to the IE 6 Users. Even if Microsoft wont Web Developers should. If it doesn't work then they ned to up grade, you are loosing out by keeping IE 6 (more difficult to code HTML, lack of newer features etc...)

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