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Internet Explorer Let's continue the browser talk for a while. Let's move from the pinnacle of browsing, all the way down to the very drainage pit: Internet Explorer 6. To me, Internet Explorer 6 is that annoying zombie that just won't die that chops off 80 of your health in a grueling midnight Left 4 Dead expert session. Microsoft may not say so outright, but they seem to be implying they agree with me.
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RE: Ahead of its time?
by UltraZelda64 on Fri 14th Aug 2009 02:57 UTC in reply to "Ahead of its time?"
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The fact that IE6 is in widespread usage reflects that, developer frustrations aside, for many users, it was/is a very good browser.

The market share of a product often has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with the quality of that product. Add in the whole reason IE got popular to begin with, breaking antitrust laws by packing it in with an operating system that had/has a monopoly, and you get the point... it got where it was not by quality, but by piggybacking on Windows' monopoly. Using one monopoly to create another.

I say KILL IE 6. I don't get why Microsoft will upgrade the entire OS for a service pack, yet, when it comes to the browser... nooooo, that's a purely optional upgrade. Seriously, what the ****? Even Microsoft admitted (or was that just to thwart the judge to help with their antitrust lawsuit?) that IE is *part of Windows*. So why didn't they just ship upgrades as a part of the XP service packs? It would save those people's time who just want to be more secure (even if they never touch IE directly).

IE is the main reason I still don't think Microsoft cares about security as much as they say they do. Windows 7 is looking much better than XP at this point, though... but then, it thankfully comes with an up-to-date (and therefore, more secure) browser.

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