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Internet Explorer Let's continue the browser talk for a while. Let's move from the pinnacle of browsing, all the way down to the very drainage pit: Internet Explorer 6. To me, Internet Explorer 6 is that annoying zombie that just won't die that chops off 80 of your health in a grueling midnight Left 4 Dead expert session. Microsoft may not say so outright, but they seem to be implying they agree with me.
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RE: Ahead of its time?
by werpu on Fri 14th Aug 2009 07:13 UTC in reply to "Ahead of its time?"
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Am I the only one that finds the constant IE6-bashing on the Internet a little old? I mean, sure, an 8 year old browser is old. But when it was released, it was well ahead of its competition: consider that in Aug 2001, competing browsers were Netscape 6.1, Netscape 4.79, and Mozilla This effect is even more pronounced going back to IE 5.0.
Oh well yes I agree and Britney Spears rose to stardom and tanked her career while IE6 persisted.
Times move on, IE6 was good at its time, but nowadays it is a costly bug ridden piece of software you are forced to support with lots of extra time which is hardly to justify anymore!
It is like having to support windows 98 while having to use the latest directx stuff and having to backport everything from DirectX10 because the users insist of having the same graphics on their windows 98 machines!

The fact that IE6 is in widespread usage reflects that, developer frustrations aside, for many users, it was/is a very good browser. Developing for Netscape 4.79 would be infinitely harder; it is not done today because IE6 is, well, better, so it survived much longer.

Guess what, many users simply do not care they just want a working interface, for them even ie 5.5 worked as well, they have their gripes however with the braindead UI of ie7+.
The users do not care about engines and what they can do, they just want to surf the web, and while we are at it, the want the latest shiny things mostly running on their stone old browsers!

Things move on and I am glad that big sites slowly but surely give users a smack on their head to update their browsers.

I personally think that IE6 is on its way out the browser statistics clearly show it, in some areas it already is below 10% and that is the critical threshold public sites slowly start to phase out browser support it becomes to costly to maintain.
You already can see it with the warning signs already popping up in even big sites.
Those who have to stick to IE6 will either have to additionally install Firefox or Opera, or will have a rough time ahead. Not that they will loose content, but they will wonder why the internet does not work like it used to do (user terms for browsing)

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