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Internet Explorer Let's continue the browser talk for a while. Let's move from the pinnacle of browsing, all the way down to the very drainage pit: Internet Explorer 6. To me, Internet Explorer 6 is that annoying zombie that just won't die that chops off 80 of your health in a grueling midnight Left 4 Dead expert session. Microsoft may not say so outright, but they seem to be implying they agree with me.
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Bad name
by Karitku on Fri 14th Aug 2009 07:26 UTC
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No matter how improved IE7 and 8 are, people will always think of IE6, and point and laugh. It might be time for Microsoft to ditch the Internet Explorer brand altogether, and come up with a completely new browser (or at least something rebranded, a-la Bing).
What people, the IT nerds? I would say IE is pretty good name because it has Internet in name, so it's easy recognize as browser (the good ol "I deleted the Internet" joke). Look how long it has taken Mozilla to create Firefox brand. Ask few years ago what Firefox was and your mum would say red fox. Now even the granny knows what Firefox is, it's a panda.

Quite frankly I think Apple has most genius name, Safari. Take a trip to wild life called Internet. Or maybe that tobacco wasn't just tobacco...

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