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Google When Google released its Chrome web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users were left out in the rain, without the ability to enjoy all the goodness that is Chrome. Thanks to the relentless porting efforts of the Chromium team, we now have daily builds of the Chrome/Chromium web browser, and I decided to take a look where the Linux version stands.
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Impressed with Chrome, but ..
by jibadeeha on Fri 14th Aug 2009 07:28 UTC
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This version of Chrome seems more stable than previous version that I have recently tried. It is noticeably quicker at starting up than Firefox, and web pages seem to render slightly faster. What is nice, is that first new tab is utilised to show your favourite web pages as thumbnails instead of just a blank page.

I was almost tempted to change my default browser to Chrome, but until there is an adblock extension (amongst other extensions) for this browser I will continue to stick with firefox.

I did notice as well that the scrolling of pages doesn't seem as smooth as firefox, but this could be down to my intel drivers as it has caused a problem with firefox in the past (e.g. switching between UXA or EXA).

Another small gripe is not having a menu bar on the interface, as I find the menu bar to be useful and consistent with other applications. I realise it is now fashionable for browsers to not have a menu bar, but IMHO Chrome would look better with one - call me old fashion ;)

Anyway, I am really glad there is another browser on the scene as this will hopefully give rise to even more competition and hopefully push firefox along at a faster pace than we have witnessed with the 3.5 release.

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