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Internet & Networking The browser wars have really been heating up again lately. Thanks to Mozila's Firefox, Internet Explorer is no longer the undisputed king, and browsers are popping up all over the place trying grab a piece of the pie. A new browser project called RockMelt is in development - and it's backed by Mosaic developer and Netscape founder Marc Andreessen.
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penetrating the market
by TheGreatSudoku on Fri 14th Aug 2009 10:46 UTC
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The biggest hurdle for any new browser, as the cnet article stated, is penetrating the existing browser market. Chrome is only at 2%, Firefox at 23%, with no mention of where Opera/Safari/other alternatives stand...

In order for RockMelt to succeed it has to be as simple and intuitive as the "default" browsers IE and Safari WHILE incorporating things like support for the vast amount of plugins/extentions/themes/other addons Firefox offers WHILE being as fast and lightweight as Opera.

I don't think a tight integration with facebook is enough, as a tight integration with Google only has gotten Chrome a 2% user base. Perhaps if there were enhanced facebook features ONLY available in Rockmelt WHILE taking advantage of all I mentioned it MAY stand a chance in the era of Browser War II.

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