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A very special 3 hour show dedicated solely to the topic problem of Apple with the additional voices of OSNews owner David and OSNews Web-Wizard, Adam. We lay down our own Apple histories and 'geek cred', discuss [unavoidably] the iPhone and AppStore, what should be done about it but move onto bigger things like the 'Apple Tablet', Apple's changing trends in design and what each of us would do if we got the call to be CEO of Apple. This show was a lot of fun to record, and we hope you enjoy it, Apple fan or hater alike.

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by TheGreatSudoku on Fri 14th Aug 2009 11:07 UTC
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Apple's GUI is based on NEXT, correct? Did NEXT have "correct" maximize button functionality or does it also display the same weirdness Apple's + button does?

If NEXT did have a maximize function, the argument of being "brainwashed by Microsoft" doesn't hold water. Goes back to the "think different" model of Apple. Sometimes that's a good thing. In this case it seems to be "fixing" something that wasn't broken to begin with. Sometimes industry standards are standards for a reason, in this case the majority of users have use for normal maximize functionality.

A 3rd party developer saw that and put out the app mentioned in this thread. Which seems backwards. The 3rd party companies should be putting out the "think different" functionality. If that functionality catches on and surpasses the existing standard, incorporate it into the next version of your OS.

Like the cliche says, don;t change the lineup when you're winning.

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