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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has now more or less given out every possible detail of its next-generation portable media player, the Zune HD. The really interesting part of this device is not the software or its competitiveness with the iPod Touch - no, it's the hardware inside it. This is the first mass-market NVIDIA Tegra-based device.
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by mariux on Fri 14th Aug 2009 11:58 UTC
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Maybe i am spoiled with my Nokia XM 5800 having 640x360 but for this 'HD' device the resolution isn't all that impressive, 480x272 on a screen thats alot bigger than the nokia. It's even less than the iPhone has.

The Tegra chip on the other hand, especially the desktop version, is a breath of fresh air on the 3d/hd-video scene.

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