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Legal We've got some intriguing news about the Apple vs. Psystar case. The depositions where Apple asked questions to Psystar are now over, and now it's time for Psystar to hold depositions of several people in the very highest echelons in Apple. Psystar's new lawyer team takes a more open approach to the lawsuit, and has now published the list of Apple people that will be testifying, and is also asking for community input.
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Oh Glee!
by Philip Grant on Fri 14th Aug 2009 23:49 UTC
Philip Grant
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It might be argued that ripping the guts out of a G4, replacing the motherboard, would constitute a new computer... or, some might see it as an upgrade, but, If they are talking "Apple labelled..." and they haven't defined that term legally, I think you have something! I would suggest that the stick-on Apple logos that I've found in Apple packaging might just suffice..!

Oh drat! I suppose that breaks copyright... G4 it is!

Can't wait to hear what happens with this. I'd have a hunch they're getting funded now to go through and fight the case. Now who could be doing that..?

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