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Legal We've got some intriguing news about the Apple vs. Psystar case. The depositions where Apple asked questions to Psystar are now over, and now it's time for Psystar to hold depositions of several people in the very highest echelons in Apple. Psystar's new lawyer team takes a more open approach to the lawsuit, and has now published the list of Apple people that will be testifying, and is also asking for community input.
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It means Labelled by Apple.
by Drumhellar on Sat 15th Aug 2009 00:21 UTC
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I think "labeled by Apple" is a very, very reasonable interpretation of "Apple-labeled."

Trying to make the argument otherwise is like saying "that shirt isn't purple; it's violet."

Of course, this is just dancing around the issue of whether or not EULAs are actually enforceable.

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