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Legal We've got some intriguing news about the Apple vs. Psystar case. The depositions where Apple asked questions to Psystar are now over, and now it's time for Psystar to hold depositions of several people in the very highest echelons in Apple. Psystar's new lawyer team takes a more open approach to the lawsuit, and has now published the list of Apple people that will be testifying, and is also asking for community input.
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RE: Puzzled By Your Stand?
by bluedodo on Sat 15th Aug 2009 06:30 UTC in reply to "Puzzled By Your Stand?"
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Isn't Apple entitled to restrict the use of their operating system/intellectual property (and the millions of dollars invested) however they want?

It amuses me how often people put words in other's mouths that are clearly divergent from what they actually said. Nobody has said Apple can't do what they like with their intelectual property they can store it away where noboy can get to it, eat it, set it on fire and call it macaroni.

What Apple have done is put it in a package and put that packgage on sale with the contdition that it's only installed on Apple hardware. Now given the approach to sales that most people take as it makes the most sense to them. The package that Apple sells is their's to do with what they like, including install it on a hackintosh. The end user doesn't care about the EULA, they spent their money on something, they own it.

This end user license stuff is just another way for big business to extract more money from people with laywer bullshit. You wouldn't buy a TV that could only be used in a house that the manufaturer approved. Why would you take that kind shit from Apple, Microsoft or any other company that tries to pull that on you?

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