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Linux Hot off the compilation press, Arch Linux comes to its full 2009.08 grandeur with a myriad of new and updated features, including exciting new additions to be utilized in the AIF (Arch Linux Installation Framework) and more, detailed within.
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Arch: Small and Stupid Opinion
by strcpy on Sat 15th Aug 2009 13:38 UTC
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How do people start these... Ah yes, "I just wanted to say"...

After getting frustrated with the community problems in the Gentoo project back in the day, I used Arch Linux for a year or so. A good distribution, no doubt about it.

Being sort-of a UNIX-guy, I was instantly in love with the KISS philosophy and general BSD-feel of the distribution. However, I left Arch behind because the general "KISS of it" was overwhelmingly in sharp contrast with the highly rapid update cycles and bleeding edge goals, which -- at least in my opinion -- resulted a general drop in QA and too high maintanance costs for regular desktop use. I would probably still use it if the goal of constant package updates would have been replaced with the goals of robustness and simplicity -- both of which were already present as ideals.

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