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X11, Window Managers Over the past couple of months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working very hard to write and complete my thesis. I performed all the work on Windows 7, but now that the thesis is finally done, submitted, and accepted, I installed Ubuntu - and immediately I was reminded of why I do not do any serious work on Linux: the train wreck that is
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You don't get it, do you?

Under no circumstances should resizing a video window result in a complete system failure. That is BAD DESIGN. As I said: bugs happen. however, if your framework design is sound, a bug will not affect critical systems - in this case, my applications and my data.

The bug is not the issue - allowing the consequences that I described is the issue.

Siride's point is that your arguments do not prove beyond doubt that IS the framework with "BAD DESIGN" in the context of the issue in question. Pinpointing all blame on X would be a rather oversimplification.

Your central thesis in this post that a bug should not bring down the system is sound. However, the conclusion that X is a "train wreck"/"pile of dog poo"/<expletives deleted> is disputable and rather insulting.

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