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X11, Window Managers Over the past couple of months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working very hard to write and complete my thesis. I performed all the work on Windows 7, but now that the thesis is finally done, submitted, and accepted, I installed Ubuntu - and immediately I was reminded of why I do not do any serious work on Linux: the train wreck that is
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XEmacs can disconnect and reconnect.

No it doesn't:
xemacs: Fatal I/O Error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on display connection "localhost:10.0"
after 2202 requests (2201 known processed) with 15 events remaining.
Autosaving and exiting...

Ok, it handled the disconnect by saving the file - but it certainly didn't try to reconnect. It exited, just like any other X app.

If there is a bug in XLib causing abort()s for a disconnect, that can easily be changed (very easily). Now your point is moot.

How old is Xlib? Why hasn't this been fixed?

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