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X11, Window Managers Over the past couple of months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, I've been working very hard to write and complete my thesis. I performed all the work on Windows 7, but now that the thesis is finally done, submitted, and accepted, I installed Ubuntu - and immediately I was reminded of why I do not do any serious work on Linux: the train wreck that is
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Comment by garyd
by garyd on Sun 16th Aug 2009 16:54 UTC
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X is only 25 years old, not 30. Plus, there have been several better alternatives created over the years but many of them have not been open sourced (e.g. Wayland, Photon MicroGUI for QNX, etc.). So until someone funds a complete rewrite (good programmers don't grow on trees) or open sources a current project then it's unlikely we'll ever see wide adoption -- especially by the more persnickety distributions like Debian that zealously defend their licensing model (q.v. the recent brouhaha over Mono).

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