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Opera Software "Opera 10 beta 3 was released Wednesday for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. With a strong European following, the preview version has been able to keep this popular alternative browser competitive by offering page rendering quality comparable to Google Chrome, while offering a robust list of features."
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RE: What's wrong with QT ?
by darknexus on Sun 16th Aug 2009 19:55 UTC in reply to "What's wrong with QT ?"
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At the moment, QT does not connect to the ATK/at-spi infrastructure for accessibility, as Trolltech used an incompatible protocol when they implemented it rather than the actual one in use. That makes QT applications useless for those requiring access technologies, at least the kind that involves needing access to the underlying application presentation such as screen readers and braille output programs. Work is being done, but there's no telling when it will be at anything close to a useable state and it doesn't exactly seem to be a high priority either with at-spi or QT developers. That's what's wrong with QT at least from my perspective since I do, after all, depend on such technologies so QT is useless at the moment.

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